Company History

T. Danthong Intertrade Co., Ltd. was first established under the name “T.Danthong Enterprises Limited Partnership” since January 26, 1978 as one of the pioneering companies exporting consumer products to Indochina markets. Fifteen years later since its establishment, T.Danthong Enterprises Limited Partnership was transformed its operation into a Company Limited. It was under the name “T.D.T International Co., Ltd.” since August 4, 1993 with a registered capital of ten million baht. Later, on November 15, 1993, the present name, “T. Danthong Intertrade Co., Ltd.”, was registered.

At present, we are the leading well known exporter of various products in Indochina markets especially Laos and Vietnam, for example, “Spoon” Monosodium Glutamate, “Wai Wai” Instant Noodle, “Golden Mountain” Seasoning Sauce, “Squid” Fish Sauce, “Saifon” Bean Vermicelli, “Jade Leaf” Rice Flour, and etc.